Grow Your Florida Garden


The last several decades have seen Florida’s Population explode! Many of these new Floridians moved to the Sunshine State from the Northern part of the country. Sadly, one of the first conclusions drawn by these new inhabitants is that NO GARDEN can be grown in Florida. This is simply not true. Sure, for certain times of the year growing options are fewer, but there are ALWAYS options for the Florida Garden.

We currently stand at the cusp of Fall, The beginning of Florida’s Leafy growing season. This season runs from September to March and is a types of “Leafy Heaven” for the Florida Gardener. Most leafy veggies and herbs can be grown with ease at this time, container gardens and raised beds are always the recommendation. Even though gardening during these months is a sort of NO-GO up North, this is the beginning of prime growing season in Florida.

At Florida Seed & Garden, we are here to support your gardening endeavor. We offer most seed packs for less than $2 and Florida-Specific gardening instructions. Whether your garden is located within Florida or without, please use our site a resource to make any garden successful.