“Florida Broadleaf” Mustard (300+ Seeds)


  • Green Mustard does not survive hard freezes and becomes bitter when temperatures become very hot.
  • This is a broad leaf variety, which requires a little extra space.
  • As with any mustard variety, harvest from outside leaves, in to the center.


Growing mustard is walking a fine balance between sustained extreme cold and extreme heat. Luckily the Winter and Spring Growing Seasons are known for being fairly mild, falling between these two poles.

Sew seeds no deeper than 1/2″, preferably under a thin layer of soil about 1/4″. Germination 10-20 days.

Harvest leaves from the outside in towards the center. 

Great to grow in grounds and in container gardens. Container gardens tend to be the easiest for the new gardener (make sure to keep well-watered if grown in a container).


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