Florida Cranberry


  • Contains approximately 25 seeds
  • Keep plant well watered.
  • Does well in a container or in the ground.
  • Plant in Spring or Summer, then harvest in the Fall.


Also known as: Roselle, Flor De Jamaica, Sorrel

The Florida Cranberry is one of the most sustainable crops to grow in the Sunshine State.  At one time, the Florida Cranberry was a bigger crop in Florida than Citrus and we are working to bring it back.

Loaded with flavor, these delicious fruits can be eaten raw (chopped in salads, with yogurt, snack, etc.), cooked (cranberry sauce/relish, deserts, with meats, etc.), or made into a delicious tea.

Grow to make your own fresh tea and an endless variety of recipes. Native to Ethiopia but grown widely though out the world, with the exception of the United States and for no good reason! This amazing Florida cranberry fruits abundantly in the fall and the entire plants fruit and leaves are edible.

The Florida Cranberry is low maintenance because it is naturally acclimated to the Florida Climate.


Florida Growing Instructions

Start seeds in a tray or container between March and May. Transfer plant starts into the ground at the beginning of June. Throughout the rainy season (Summer), plants will grow into a bush, approximately 6 feet tall. Harvest calyxes (fruits) during the months of October through December.

General Growing Instructions

Plant after the last frost or start indoors and move outside after the threat of frost has passed. It will grow to be around 6 feet tall in the Fall and will be covered in calyxes (fruits).


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